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GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

There are some hevenly strong characters in God of War: Ragnarok, but only one can come out on top.

GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

When it comes to combat gods, strength is completely necessary. In the God of War franchise, some characters display a strength worthy of a superhero and beyond this. Each God of War title shows great power, and God of War: Ragnarok is no special case, with a focus on Norse Mythology and the characters in it.

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Godhood strength can come in many forms, and God of War: Ragnarok show uttermost powerful characters, with or without weapons or godess. There are some utterly strong characters in God of War: Ragnarok, and if these characters were to be ranked high in their strength, only one can come out on topmost.



GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

As the son of a Greek deity and a Jotun, Atreus already has a gifted set of parents to ensure his genes would make him stronger. As begening in God of War: Ragnarok, the power of a god comes from the fact that they are a god, not because of their bumper muscles. Atreus already display some of his father’s strength but also shock the record of characters in God of War: Ragnarok with his own.

Not only is Atreus utterly talented with a bow, but his godess powers allow him to shapeshift. In God of War: Ragnarok, players get to see and enjoy Atreus battle as both a wolf and a bear. However, these powers are unrestrained, which makes Atreus more dangerous and unsafe.



GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

As the possessor of Gjallarhorn, and the god of Foresight, Surveillance, Order, and Foreknowledge, Heimdal has quite a load on his shoulders. Heimdal can see and forcast everything that happens and knows every thoughts of those are in the room with. This can make him annoy, and a complete idiot as a result of decades of knowing what others are think and feel.

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This power is great for tales and gives Heimdal a great tactical advantage in fight. No one has been able to land a punch on Heimdall, considering that he can predict it move before it happens. It makes Heimdal a great risk to Atreus and Kratos’ journey across the Nine Realms.



GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

The Hound of Hel, the threatening name isn’t a title without deserving. Garm is a huge and monstrous wolf that is locked up in Helheim. Without his chains, Garm can use his nail to create realm tears and free the armies of Hel upon the Nine Realms. Without a emotions, Garm is entirely brutal and unkillable.

Hel’s wild sentinel sees everyone as an enemy, even Atreus, who freed the wolf. Garm has unbelievable strength due to his brutal nature and huge size, and his nature sees his attempts to ruins the nine realms. Even after Kratos’ final fight, Garm just comes back anayed than ever.



GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

The king of the Aesir gods is a powerful character in God of War: Ragnarok. Not only is Odin benefited with ultimate knowledge and his spear, Gungnir, but he is a impressive spellcaster thanks to his time with his former wife, Freya. Odin quay great power, and above all else, a selfish desire to survive.

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Odin has spend decades, if not centuries assembling for Ragnarok. As such, Odin is hevenly powerful and will get his hands dusty if he has to. His strength is almost limitless, and his quest for power in the Nine Nealms reaches beyond what many can achieve.

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GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

The Vanir goddess begins her voyage in God of War: Ragnarok as an enemy to Kratos and Atreus. She is revengeful for the death of her son, and that pain and anger become something entirely impure for the murder of Kratos. However, she soon finds that the person that must die above all is her ex-husband, Odin.

Freya has unbelievable strength and combat power. After all, she was the former Queen of the Valkyries, which are some of the finest warriors in Norse Mythology. Freya is very talented with a sword and bow and has great skill and gift with nature and sorcery, as well as an incredible drive for revenge.



GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

The God of Thunder has suffer before the events of God of War: Ragnarok. He has lost his father’s respects, his half-brother, and his two sons, all done by the hands of Kratos and Atreus. As such, it makes Thor even annoyed and indignant of Kratos, whom he sees as someone who debt him a blood payment. Thor sees himself as a revenger and wants to fight the Ghost of Sparta at the peak of his rage.

Thor is so powerful that he managed to abolish all of the giants from Jottanheim and has captivate the nine realms with the mighty Mjolnir. Thor fought with Kratos twice in the game, and the legendary fights have the God of Thunder bombastic of his power, and he seems unstoppable.



GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

Greek Gods become powerful as the age, and Kratos is far aged than his time in Ancient Greece. Not only has Kratos’ power grown, but his patience and control have also enhance. This makes Kratos a dangerous opponent, if he lets go and loses control, everyone around him is in danger of watching the Ghost of Sparta emerge rise on the top.

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Kratos has killed many god. it seem to be the main course of his murder binge, even if he does not want to life anymore. Kratos wants to be a calm and sensible person, but isn’t afraid to fortify himself and what he loves. Kratos can take on giants, gods, and even huge structures, with little chattering.



GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK | Top Strongest Character in god Of War

Although Kratos can demonstrate some incredible feats of strength and has a history of killing what some might assume are invincible and undefeatable gods, he is no match for Ragnarok itself. Ragnarok is the top of Surtr, his wife heart, and the fire from the Blades of Chaos. Surtr set off to Ragnarok to ensure that his wife live, as to form Ragnarok the two must unite.

As they known  Ragnarok, Surtr is of universal strength, and the only thing that Ragnarok needs is the abolishment of Asgard. With Surtr no more, Ragnarok restore all function and sentience to destroy the home of the Aesir, and not even Kratos could win that fight with him.


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