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God of War Ragnarok Won: The Game Awards 2022

For those who are unfamiliar or may not watch the ceremony, here is each and every award that God of War Ragnarok won at The Game Awards 2022.

God of War Ragnarok Won: The Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards 2022 ceremony has officially come and gone, with, great announcements like Final Fantasy 16’s game release date, Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC, Death Stranding 2, and many more. The world opening is a big draw, with God of War Ragnarok taking up six of its total ten selections  (two of which were for performance).

certainly, many were looking for a big show from God of War Ragnarok and were not disappointed. The Game Awards 2022 also announced and awarded several other games in the industry, but God of War Ragnarok was a continous presence throughout the show. That’s clearly not to say anything against the other titles, but for a night focused on the best games in the industry, it was good to see Santa Monica shine like a star as it should.


God of War Ragnarok Won: The Game Awards 2022

Here are all the awards Won by God of War Ragnarok during the Game Award ceremony.

Best Narrative
Best Score and Music
Best Audio Design
Best Performance (Christopher Judge as Kratos)
Innovation in Accessibility
Best Action/Adventure
It’s totally clear why God of War Ragnarok win these awards, with narrative is top-notch, its music and audio are tweaked to the surrounding events, the game is packed with amazing performances, it has a excess of unique accessibility features, and it is the best in its genre(category). As we explain in our God of War Ragnarok Game review, it “is unique and special and It lives up to its high expectations. There is quite nothing like it on PS4 and the PS5 yet, and it would be hefty for anything to live up to the same heights.”

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Going to the Game Awards, many watch this year 2022 as only a competition between God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring. It’s impressive that God of War Ragnarok won 6 awards, while Elden Ring won 4 awards. It’s clearly no balancing act, but while God of War Ragnarok won more awards than the Elder Ring, Elden Ring possibly won the two biggest of the show: That is Best Game Direction and Game of the Year. The other two were the best RPG(Role Playing Games) and Best Art Direction, so it stands to reason fans of both game franchises have a lot to celebrate no matter what.


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